If academic qualifications are important to you, it may help to know that I am highly qualified within this field and continue to study/train.

MA in Counselling (Distinction)
PG Dip in Counselling
Diploma in Counselling
Certificate in Supervision
Certificate in Bereavement Counselling
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (N.L.P.)
Certificates in working with Trauma and Dissociation

Trained and certified to use the almost miraculous technique :

        'Fast Trauma and Phobia Cure'

A very bold statement: 'CURE'  However, it does 'just what it says on the tin!' I say this from personal experience of having my own traumatic memories 'processed' correctly by the application of the technique. If you're interested in this contact me for further information.

For my MA in Counselling I researched the phenomena of growth from life losses; discovering and investigating the factors that enabled some people to step back from 'the brink', to re-invest in life and grow towards authenticity. I received a distinction for my research and was fortunate to see some of my work 'published'. 

I also have a great interest in Trauma and Dissociation and have completed a one year training course in Somatic Trauma Therapy. I have also attended specific training days on Trauma and Dissociation. 

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My counselling/psychotherapy work is split between two main areas:

My private practice, where I work with people who 'self refer' and the N.H.S. where I see clients/patients at three different G.P. surgeries for Durham and the Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Clinical Commissioning Group. 

I also provide Clinical Supervision to some members of our counselling team.

I work with a wide variety of issues including: Trauma, grief and loss, change and transition, anxiety, stress, depression, anger management, addictions, self esteem, abuse, sexuality, relationship issues and many others.

If you're interested in coming to see me but not sure if I work with your 'issue(s)', please contact me and we can discuss.


For a number of years I counselled for Cruse Bereavement Care and also supervised the practice of other Counsellors. 

I also delivered training for Cruse; eventually becoming a Lead Trainer. I delivered many of their training courses including: their intense 48 hour foundation course for new Counsellors to the organisation, Cruses' Supervisor's Training course and many one day  training modules including 'Sudden and Traumatic Death' and 'A Child's Grief'. 

I also delivered many courses to outside organisations on behalf of Cruse; often researching, designing and delivering my own 'bespoke' courses.

I have been a trainer for and member of the worldwide Disaster Response Team (Resilience Team) which assisted British Citizens in the aftermath of such disasters as the World Trade Centre, the Asian Tsunami and the 7/7 bombings in London. In the event of a disaster I would take the role of Supervisor to a team of six other Counsellors.

I have been 'on air' several times as the bereavement 'expert' for Radio Newcastle and Radio Tees. I have also been contacted by BBC Newsnight and Sky Television to comment upon various worldwide disasters.